Ajax alarm starter kit

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  • The kit consists of the hub, motion detector, opening detector and key fob with a panic button.
  • Manufactured with anti-tampering, jamming detection and communication channels encryption and authentication to prevent forgeryProtects devices from overloading and short-circuiting. 
  • Protects entrances from break-ins through windows and doors
  • Conveniently sends alarms to the owner's smartphone and central monitoring station via GSM and ethernet
  • The kit is controlled using the mobile app and key fob


Product specifications:

  • Complete set: Intelligent control panel, wireless motion detector, wireless opening detector, wireless key fob
  • Maximum number of connected devices: 100
  • Maximum number of users: 50
  • Mobile applications: iOS 9.1 android 4.1 
  • Alarm signal delivery time: 0.15 s
  • Battery life: Up to 7 years
  • Jeweller radio technology: Communication range with central unit — up to 1,700 m in an open space, two-way communication between devices, operating frequencies — 868.0—868.6 MHz, self-adjusting RF output power — up to 20 mW, block encryption based on AES algorithm, device polling period — 12−300 s
  • Communication channels: Ethernet, GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • SIM card support: Micro SIM 2G
  • Power supply Mains supply: 110−250 V, Up to 15 hours of offline operation when Ethernet is switched off
  • Video surveillance: Up to 10 cameras or DVRs